Three (3) Easy Ways to Get Paid to Talk to Lonely People (2023 Working Method)

Did you know that you can make money by talking to lonely people online, by being someone’s online friend. It’s a great opportunity for people who are good at conversation and have a lot of empathy.

In this article i will walk you through the top sites where you can get paid to be an online friend and the best tips for making the most money.

Read this article to the end, and follow every step carefully, if you have any question please use the comment secction and dont forget to follow me on socials – Facebook, tiktok, instagram and twitter.

How Do I Get Paid To Chat?

Multiple online services allow you to get paid to chat with others online. Below are the top five sites that let you do so from the comfort of your home. Some even allow you to meet face to face. These are the top sites where you can get paid to text chat with people:

1. RentaCyberFriend

You can connect with people based on shared interests with RentaCyberFriend, a pay-per-minute video call service.

How It Works

The payment is per minute, with a 20% platform fee. You can set higher or lower rates for different topics, as well.For example, you can charge $3.00 per minute to talk about cooking and $1.00 to talk about movies.

Potential Earnings

If you charge $3.00 per minute and chat for two hours, you’ll make $288.00 after the platform fee. If you do it full-time, you can make thousands per week.


Do not have to meet in person
Set your own rates


No app — you must be able to video chat on your computer


The platform is secure with end-to-end encryption.


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2. RentAFriend

Are you looking to make new friends and get paid while you’re at it? RentAFriend helps people meet local friends in person after chatting. If someone is moving to a new city or is on vacation, they can connect with you via the platform and meet.

How It Works

Once you create a profile, you must complete a questionnaire that gauges your interests. When users look for friends, you show up based on age, gender and interests.

Potential Earnings

Earnings depend on location, demand for friends in your area, availability and your hourly rate. According to the site, most earn between $10 to $50 per hour, with some charging higher for specialized experiences.

Great for outgoing people — meet friends in person instead of just over the phone

In-person meetings aren’t as safe

Meeting strangers always comes with security risks. It would be best to gauge whether you want to risk meeting someone who may not be as they present online.

How To Join

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