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Vocational Skills A Part Way To Freedom

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In order to ensure that you are able to keep up with the volatile market and secure chances of employment, it is essential to bridge the skill gap with specialized, industry-specific training.
Vocational skills training has shifted from a mere inculcation of vocational skills in individuals to the building of a more collaborative and problem-solving aptitude.

Why Vocational Skills Training?

Not everyone has the access to a formal education. However, that shouldn’t restrict one from the prospects of having a shot at a career and an independent life. Vocational skills training helps one acquire industry-specific skills in a lesser time and with a practical hands-on experience pertaining to a specific trade, profession or craft. As vocational training provides job-centric and practical learning, the chances of getting hired are higher.

Our Offering

iTechnology Nigeria aims to render individuals more employable by enhancing their practical skills and expertise through our solutions for vocational skills training. Our training program leverages resources across a diverse skill-set to support a comprehensive, practical, and flexible training module for training individuals in both blue and white collar jobs.

We have integrated vocational learning solutions that incorporate classroom training, expert-led videos, and animation-based learning, along with other interactive tools that elicit greater enthusiasm and interest, and can be customized based on the specific needs of the workforce, industry and skill level.

Our online and blended learning solutions ensure a seamless transition from education to employment for learners. We have an understanding of which skills are in demand and keep ourselves up-to-date by making sure that our training modules upgrade skills regularly as per changing industry requirements.

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?


Our expert-created courses focus on instilling practical skills to create more job readiness


Easy collaboration with trainers boosts constant development and engagement


Training content can be customized as per skill level and industry requirements

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