Makeup Artistry

Makeup Artistry

Makeup basically involves using the necessary makeup products to enhance individual facial features.

Most makeup artists complete a cosmetology or related program, where they can obtain the skills needed. Some work for big production companies, while many work freelance.

We will be taking you on the basics of makeup artistry that is related to beauty enhancement.

We will be teaching you about the necessary skincare routines, facial features and structures, tools and products, makeup etiquettes/guidelines, safety and hygiene rules as well as general makeup application.

We will also be taking you through the process of different types of makeup looks such as the everyday makeup, nude makeup, bridal makeup (white wedding and traditional wedding) and gele artistry.

Makeup Artistry does not require any formal education; it can be learnt as a skill.


1: Introduction to Makeup/History of Makeup
2: Facial Features
3: Skin Care Analysis
4: Makeup Application
5: Gele Artistry

Learning Objectives

  1. a) Students will learn how to apply basic Makeup professionally for any occasion.
    b) To develop in students the basic Makeup skills in Makeup Artistry.
    c) Students would be able to tie Bridal gele & Sego gele perfectly

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