Hotel Reservation Management System

A hotel reservation management system is a single source of truth for all of a hotel’s bookings and reservations. The most important feature for a hotel reservation system is that it must be a safe and secure centralized hub where all information related to bookings can be stored and then retrieved on demand when the hotel requires it.

Key Hotel Reservations Management System Features and Funtionalities


  • Comfortably add notes and preferences to bookings with the integrated voice-to-text function
  • A purpose-built user interface to vastly improve the overall user-experience
  • A streamlined booking process for speedy and accurate bookings

Guest Focused Features

  •  Just one click to launch the checkout and check-in screens
  • Room charges and payments are colour coded for ease of reference and an automated running total in one place
  • Add a personal touch to a guests stay by building a secure guest-preferences database for easy reference


  • The booking system follows a logical pattern making it more intuitive for the user
  • One-click navigation between various booking statuses
  • Capable of processing multiple payment methods and currencies

Unique to the Industry

  • Shopping Cart – it’s possible to park reservations in the shopping cart to finish them at a later time
  • Snooze – the snooze function avoids human error due to unfinished reservations
  • Room Plan – provides an overview of the occupancy and availability. Enabling receptionists to easily book a room for one guest or multiple rooms for entire groups, change reservations and gain direct access to all required guest data