Get Paid to Read Books [$100/Hour] (Updated Working Method)

It may seem almost unbelievable, but you can actually get paid to read books, now!  

As we all know, reading is definitely a good habit that not only nourishes the grey matter of your brain but also opens new windows to look at the world.

And, if you really love reading books, then it’s high time that you should start earning for free from what you really enjoy doing!

Surprisingly, some websites are ready to pay $1000s to read aloud!!

If you are passionate about reading books? Wait no more, learn how you can actually get paid to read at home and earn money fast!

1. ACX

ACX, or the Audiobook Creative Exchange of Amazon, is an excellent platform for book narrators, where you can find many opportunities. You just need to select a book for which you want to audition as a narrator.

And, once you are shortlisted, you will get paid according to your pre-determined hourly rate. Not only that you can also earn royalties from sales of your narrated audiobooks!

2. Bunny Studio

Voice Bunny is another great website if you want to advertise your voiceover talent to potential clients. You need to create an account on that website and then submit your voice quality test.

Once you are selected, you can search for your preferred jobs. There are more than thousands of opportunities, but they surely need a high-quality voice acting along with speedy delivery.

One important feature of this site is that you are absolutely free to set your own hourly rate.

3. The Voices

The Voices is another wonderful platform if you are searching for opportunities as a voiceover artist. After creating a basic or premium membership on the website, you need to upload a demo.

The Voice Match engine will then match your skills with the requirements of the clients. And, once you get the perfect match, you can directly approach the client through this site.

Along with a great hourly rate, this particular website also offers payment security through SurePay.

4. Brilliance Audio

Brilliance Audio, a voiceover industry leader, frequently hires audiobook narrators for their new projects. They give the best hourly rates in the industry; but, they only accept professional delivery, clear punctuation, excellent sound modulation quality, and great voice-acting talent.

Once they start looking for a book narrator for a new project, you need to contact them with your voice-over demo.

5. Kirkus Media

Kirkus Media is a great website that offers extraordinary earning opportunities to all book lovers. You need to apply as a reviewer along with your resume and a small writing sample.

So, once you are selected, they will assign you a book to review.

After reading that book, you need to submit a 350-word review within two weeks.

They pay quite a high price, although the final offer price depends on the volume of the book.

Thus making it a great start for reading for money!

6. Online Book Club

Online Book Club is a great platform where you can earn between $5 – $60 per book review (depending on the length of the book). First, you need to create an account, which is absolutely free. Then, select a book to read.

Once you complete that book, write an honest review about it. Keep in mind that you don’t need to necessarily write a positive review, as this platform gives you full freedom to be critical.

For your first review, they will gift you a book. And, after that initial approval, you will start earning money by reviewing your favorite books.

7. Women’s Review of Books

Women’s Review of Books is the best website to get paid to read books if you enjoy fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, written by and about women.

You need to create an account on that gender-focused forum and let them know about your credentials and already-published reviews if any.

Once they approve and assign a book to you, write a brief review of that book after finishing it.

The members usually earn up to $100 per book review, although it depends on multiple factors.

8. Book Browse

Book Browse is an excellent website if you want to earn handsome money for reading and reviewing books.

First, you need to complete their joining form along with a 300-word sample review.

Once they are happy with it and approve your account, you need to write a small review of the assigned book.

However, they also expect you to write a ‘beyond the book’ article, in which you have to talk about your learning experience with the help of the book.

That is why the payment for each review is quite good.

9. Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly, the weekly news magazine, often looks for books and article reviewers. They offer you the opportunity to narrate books for money.

You need to send them your updated resume along with a small 200-word honest review of any recently published book.

And, once they select you, they will assign your book-review project from which you can expect a handsome payment.

10. Goodreads

Goodreads, one of the finest social cataloging websites, has a great app for your mobile devices, where you can submit reviews of your favorite books.

They frequently have job openings for in-house reviewers and proofreaders and pay a handsome amount of money.

You need to send them your updated resume, along with your writing sample and previously published articles to get things started.

Now that you have all the information, take your first step to get paid to read books.

Start applying for the position on all the websites and apps. Happy reading and happy earning, folks!

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