Get Paid to Date Online Sites (Up to $165/hr)

Do you know that it is possible to get paid to date online? This could be a good side hustle for you if you are interested in monetizing dates, enjoying the company of others, and meeting new people.

Furthermore, you don’t have to get physically intimate with your date. Typically, if they try to pressure you into doing anything against your wishes the apps and sites offering the service ban them.

Thanks to technology, there are several legit websites, as well as apps, where online dating is safe. Further, there are now platforms that offer not only dating services but also companionship services for pay.

Typically, most of the users are not interested in commitments but want to make some extra buck socializing.

Buyers of these services are are just people interested in having someone accompany them to business or social events. And for filling that need, you get paid!

So, how do you get started and where do you get these get paid to date online gigs?

Let’s find out.

1. Rent a Date

Source: Rent a Date

Expected pay: Minimum, $165 per hour

Availability: Global

Rent a Date is one of the largest providers of services that can make you get paid to date a millionaire. This website is all about providing companions to attend public events, night outs, and corporate functions.

To access the pictures of the available dates, you will have to pay a minimal membership fee. Once the payment is made, you can access the site’s gallery and choose your perfect date. This site hires both males and females from all nationalities aged from 18 years to 75 years.

How Rent a Date Works:

Once you log in to the website, you are open to choosing your perfect match from the profiles provided in the gallery. When you choose your date online, the company calls you using their personal lines to confirm that you are still in for the date. The call is made one day to the date.

Later, your companion will call you on the meeting day to let you know of their availability. As rule, Rent a Date imposes a 2-hour minimum engagement for all dates.

You are supposed to spend some time talking about your date and knowing each other better. You should know that after the date is over, the company will get back to the client to get to know how the date went.

Looking for a way to get paid to talk to lonely guys? Try RentaDate now!

2. Miss Travel

Source: Miss Travel

Expected pay: Depends on the trip

Availability: Worldwide

MissTravel is a dating site where you get paid to date online and travel. It was established in 2012 with offices in the US, Hong Kong, and Cyprus. So, if you love traveling and you want to earn from this passion, this is your chance to find a travel buddy.

This is the top luxury traveling dating site where people with the same travel interests meet. It favors women who love to wish for free trips to their dream destinations. But still, there are some situations where you two can decide to go 50/50 on the bills.

Male members on this website are middle-aged while the females tend to be on the younger side – but 18 and above.

How Miss Travel Works:

First off, the registration process is very easy and fast. It will take you less than 5 minutes to complete the process. You can use a working email to sign up, which you are supposed to verify. Also, you will need a unique username that will appear in your profile.

Once approved, you’ll find a member’s profile with their upcoming trips and if you are interested, you can slide in their DM and inquire more. The platform also allows trip seekers to upload as many photos as they wish.

For the chance to get paid to date a millionaire or just the average Joe, you pay a subscription fee of $59.99 for 30 days. To stay listed for a longer period, you pay $54.99 for 90 days and $49.99 for 180 days.

On the flip side, Miss Travel does not have a mobile app. You can only access the platform through the official website. 

Click here to Know Join Miss Travel

3. My Bunny Date

Expected pay: Depends on the bid

Availability: Worldwide

MyBunnyDate is another website where you get paid to be someone’s date. This is among the get-paid-to websites that are auction-based. How? Clients bid to outdo competitors and land the perfect date, usually ladies.

There are members here referred to as ‘generous members’ who use the opportunity to reward dates with huge tips after dates. Also, there are good-looking singles – gorgeous members who make it possible for the generous member to take them on a real date for payment, regardless of the outcome.

The best part is that when you buy credits or upgrade your membership to Premium, you can choose your preferred charity for donations from MyBunnyDate.

How MyBunnyDate Works:

Once you sign in as a generous member, and you happen to like one of the gorgeous member’s profiles, you are supposed to send an offer to her. For instance, you can decide to send $200. When the gorgeous member accepts the offer, you are lucky because that means it’s a date.

You plan your date and meet up, and afterward, you are to give the gorgeous member $200 as earlier proposed. If the date was a success and both of you decide to go on another date, then My Bunny Date’s involvement ends there. That rest is between the two of you.

So, we can both agree that only the generous member is charged here. In order for you as a generous member to send offers to the gorgeous member, you need to purchase credits which will be withdrawn from your account only when the gorgeous member accepts your offer.

Sign Up to Become a Bunny Date

4. Price Point Date

Source: Price Point Date

Expected pay: Depends on the client

Availability: Selected countries

Price Point Date provides women with a chance to get paid to date men who are successful. Here, you will find generous men who get straight to the point – casual date. No time for mind games.

Creating an account with PricePointDate is easy taking just a few minutes to complete. What I love most about the site is that you can negotiate the price of your date before it commences. Plus, the service is free for women looking to become dates.

What this means is that you get to keep the full-price amount. Finally, you don’t have to disclose your personal identity if you are not comfortable with a bidder.

Other than that, the site is very private. So, for more on how it works, Join Their Dating Auction.

5. Tour Bar

Expected pay: Depends on the package

Availability: Global

Tour Bar is an exclusive dating website that will enable you to travel to different destinations with someone better than a local guide – a date.

All you need to do is find a travel partner and plan a trip with him/her. Whether you are in Asia, Australia,  Africa, or even America it is possible to make your vacation unforgettable by signing up with Tour Bar.

How Tour Bar works:

Once you decide on the place you want to visit, maybe a dream destination on your bucket list, you log in to the website and start looking for a travel partner. You also need to post the best and most attractive photos of your destined place to attract a partner.

On your profile, ensure that you have written your hobbies, interests, and plans. Also, remember to write a list of qualities you expect from your buddy to avoid getting a partner whose interests differ from yours.

If this sounds like your idea of a perfect date, Find Your Travel Buddy here.

6. Ohlala

Expected pay: The amount is negotiable

Availability: Worldwide

Ohlala is among the leading online dating websites where you get paid to connect with someone. You are connected with the available singles in your area and on your own terms.

Most importantly, you get to set the budget for the entire date. Also, getting the perfect partner is absolutely free.

How Ohlala Works:

For the men, you are to create a date invitation. And immediately, you will start receiving inquiries and applications from beautiful women.

Go through their profiles and choose who fits you best. You can also receive private videos and photos from striking singles close to you.

For women, you are in a position to find profiles that are eye-catching, secure, and willing to pay your rates. In addition, applying for dates is free of charge.

Ohlala is straight to the point, as a lady you get to know what your date expects from the word go. What’s more, you get paid for your photos and videos.

Sign Up on Ohlala for free!

If you consider yourself attractive and ready to meet new people, then you can get paid to date online.

This is a hustle that does not require any investment on your part, except owning a laptop or a smartphone. That’s not to say that there is no real work to be done here. It’s upon you to be interesting for partners to seek you out for dates that last several hours, meaning more money for you.Ready to earn money as a date? Try any one of the above websites/apps and share your experience with us.

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