Three (3) Sure Ways To Purchase a Phone and Pay Later in Nigeria

There are also stores that’ll let you buy now pay later in Nigeria, but my attention is driven to sharing how to obtain a smartphone and pay later in Nigeria. It’s not magic and if you’re qualified, you’ll be able to get a phone and pay later.

Before we jump right in, there are certain documents that’ll be needed before you can buy a phone and pay later in Nigeria, these documents are requirements, and if you have them, you’re qualified to then buy a phone and pay later. I’ll be listing some of the required documents below.


To buy now and pay later as a Nigerian, you must have some documents that’ll qualify you to be able to buy now and pay later, but how do you know if you’re fit enough to apply for this credit opportunity? Well here are some required documents below and if you have them complete, you can apply to buy now and pay later across any stores or platforms in Nigeria.

  • 6 months of your salary bank statement.
  • Bank Identification Number (BVN).
  • Work ID CARD/Employment letter.
  • A valid Government Issued ID CARD (either Driver’s licence, National Identity Card, Voters card or Nigeria passport)

Stores To Buy Phone and Pay Later in Nigeria

1. EasyBuy

Easybuy is everywhere and you’ll find them in any phone store in Nigeria. but if you wish to buy a phone on Easybuy and pay later without visiting any store. You’ll need to follow up the steps written below, you might eventually end up visiting a store later but this will ease the long process.

  • Download the Easybuy app which is only available for Android Only.
  • After downloading the app, you’ll need to go through the application process, it is necessary so that you don’t do something that isn’t suitable for you.
  • Now register with all the required documents they asked for from you.
  • You’ll need to await approval, that should take a while.
  • Before you can buy a phone and pay later, you’ll need to deposit some amount first, so you’ll need to do that.
  • After making the payment, you can now order the phone you want and it will be delivered to your doorstep.
  • If you’re facing difficulties in getting it done, you can visit any Easybuy shop near you.

2. Spredda

Spredda is an e-commerce website and they sell more than just phones on the website, but since it’s how to buy a smartphone and pay later I’m trying to explain, so now let me get to how to get this done.

  • Visit the official Spredda website by visiting
  • Now search for the phone you want to buy, add it to the cart then proceed to checkout.
  • On the checkout page, select your preferred payment options which are PaQart or Layby. And wait till you’re being redirected to a secure page.
  • If you choose PayQart, it means you’ll be paying for the phone in instalments, and that can take up to 6 months. You’ll be required to fill in the correct information asked. If they’re correct, you’ll be approved instantly and the phone will be processed and delivered to you. It’s very easy to buy a phone and pay later using PayQart.
  • If you choose to pay using Layby, it means you’ll be depositing 20% of the initial fee for the phone you want to buy, they’ll keep the phone for you and you’ll be given up to 3 months to complete your full payments. This form of payment doesn’t attract any extra fee and you’ll be charged on retail price with no extra cost.

3. Slot

Buying a phone and paying later on will require you to visit a nearby slot shop with the aforementioned documents. Since this step requires physical procedures, I’ll only write just a little about it, and when you visit a slot shop, you’ll be enlightened more on it.

  • Visit any nearby Slot shops around you
  • Make sure you have up to 30 or 50% amount of the phone you want to buy and pay later
  • Have all the needed documents ready
  • Talk to the slot agent you see in the shop and discuss your plans to buy now and pay later with them.


Buying a phone and paying later is real and it works just fine if you’re qualified enough for it. Aside from phones, you can buy any other thing you want and pay later, so if you’re wondering how to buy a phone and pay later in Nigeria, this is what you need and I hope you find the article very helpful.

Source: NaijaKnowHow

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