8 Best Apps to Track Lost or Stolen Android Devices

Data loss [Contacts, files, images, videos etc] is more troublesome for anyone. If you’ve ever lost your mobile phone, like me; or if you’re in the habit of forgetting or misplacing your phone around, you must get a location-tracking app.

In this write-up, I’m going to discuss the best apps for tracking lost or stolen Android devices. Let’s get started.


Life360 is a location-tracking app

Life360 is an all-in-one location-tracking app that helps you to track the location of your lost phones or tablets. It also allows you to stay connected with your friends and family members, thanks to its location-sharing feature.

You can create groups, add people in it, and monitor their location on a private map that’s only visible to the group members. It also enables you to view the location history of all group members. Moreover, when you lose a device, you can track its location by logging in to its website — www.life360.com.

In comparison to other tracking apps, Life360 offers a range of safety features. For example, it calls for an ambulance and sends notifications to emergency contacts in case it detects an accident. It sounds so featureful, right?

  • Features group chat for easy communication among members.
  • Supports sending real-time alerts about others’ location sign-ins.
  • Drive Care connects with a representative in case of emergencies.
  • Offers safety features like crash detection and roadside assistance.
  • Free plan allows placing just 2 alerts and gives a 2-day location history.
  • Free plan misses features like crime reports, emergency response etc.
  • No support for locking or factory resetting a lost device, unlike others.

How to Use Life 360

Find My Device

Find My Device for Android devices

Find My Device by Google is one of the most efficient location-tracking apps. It allows you to locate or track a lost device and perform necessary actions on it including factory resetting the device to safeguard your personal data.

You can locate your lost device by ringing the phone if you misplace it, say in your home. You can also display messages on your phone, say your contact number for the person who finds it. In case your phone gets lost or stolen, it comes with features that allow you to lock the phone and erase its content.

Find My Device also displays a list of indoor maps for places like airports, malls, stadiums, and other large buildings, making the searching job much easier.

  • Protects your privacy by allowing you to erase the device contents.
  • Comes free of cost with no extra features or in-app purchases.
  • Displays outdoor as well as indoor maps, just like Google Maps.
  • Available for only Android, unlike Life360 and a few other apps.
  • No group chat or group location-tracking features, unlike Life360.

Family Locator

Family Locator helps tracking devices

Family Locator is another great location-tracking tool for your kids and family, like Life360. The app comes with a set of features that allow you to track and communicate with other group members, just like a group chat.

The app allows you to create groups and monitor the location of your kids and other family members on a live map. It’s integrated with a chat feature which lets you communicate with other family members. Then, its location history feature lets you see the location of the kids or members for the past 7 days.

What’s unique? Family Locator comes with a feature that allows you to create danger and safe zones, unlike other apps. The app notifies you when your kid or a family member has entered or left a particular danger or safe zone.

  • Shows everyone’s location-tracking data for the last 7 days.
  • Allows chatting with group members, unlike Find My Device.
  • Sends real-time alerts when a person has reached or left a zone.
  • No support for locking or wiping a device, unlike Find My Device.


iSharing helps track lost devices

iSharing Location Tracker is another interesting app for tracking the location of a lost phone as well as keeping track of family members at the same time.

The app is loaded with features to track the location of enabled devices. It allows you to create groups, communicate with group members, and monitor their location in real-time. It sends you notifications when a group member has left or reached an area. Also, you can view the location history of group members.

What’s unique? iSharing comes with an interesting feature called Panic Alert, which sends notifications to other members when you shake your phone.

  • Allows chatting with the group members, unlike Find My Device.
  • Real-time alerts when a group member arrives at or leaves a location.
  • Comes with safety features like panic alerts and real-time notifications.
  • No free version; iSharing offers just a trial version for 7 days.


Safe365 tracks lost or stolen devices

Safe365 is a free location tracking app with a blend of interesting safety features. The app lets you locate a lost device, and it also helps you to keep an eye on the location of your family members, or maybe friends!

Safe365 comes with all the necessary features of a location tracking app meant for family members or a group of friends. It allows you to get to know the exact location of your family or group members, their battery life, the type of internet connection on their devices, and the daily distance covered by them.

The app allows you to create and customize multiple safe zones, and it sends you a notification when a group member has entered or left the zone. It also gives you a configuration for sharing the exact or approximate location.

  • Allows you to customize safe zones and set parameters.
  • Sends you real-time alerts when a device cannot be located.
  • Allows you to stay connected with family members via social feeds.
  • No support for sending alerts on a lost device, unlike Find My Phone.

xfi Locator

xfi Locator for Android and iOS

xfi Locator is a pretty straightforward app built for the sole purpose of finding lost devices. You can easily navigate and find a lost device on live maps. The app allows you to register multiple accounts and devices. Moreover, it has an alarm feature that helps ring and vibrate a lost device, like Find My Phone.

That’s not all; xfi Locator lets you choose from various map types including high-resolution and street view maps. You can find a lost device by logging in to the application or by signing in to the app’s website: xfilocator.com.

  • Supports multiple accounts on the same device.
  • Allows users to ring a lost device, unlike most other apps.
  • Offers detailed (even street view) maps for better navigation.
  • No support for erasing data on a lost device, unlike Find My device.


Familonet helps track lost devices

Familonet is another great tool for tracking lost or stolen devices. The app lets you keep an eye on your kids and family members and communicate with them as well — all through the intuitive interface of Familonet.

It’s packed with salient features that allow you to create multiple groups, track the location of group members, and chat with them via group chat. Familonet sends you notifications when a group member has left or reached a particular location. Also, it allows you to send notifications in an emergency.

  • Allows you to set up your favorite destinations.
  • Sends alerts when anyone has reached or left a destination.
  • Comes with a chat feature for chatting with group members.
  • No support for sending alerts to a lost device, unlike others.


TrackView helps track lost devices

TrackView is an amazing security cum surveillance app that helps you monitor and find your lost devices as well. It allows you to locate and track the safety of your device as well as your house. It can send instant alerts or remote buzz to your lost device. Then, it has a two-way audio feature too.

What makes TrackView stand out from other apps on this list is its video monitoring feature, which lets you keep an eye on your device’s surroundings through its camera. For example, you can monitor your kid using it.

  • Offers real-time tracking of devices, like most apps here.
  • Supports sending messages or sound alerts to the lost device.
  • Comes with a live video monitoring feature, unlike other apps.
  • No support for wiping data on the lost device, unlike Find My Device.

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